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Charles Cottle – Options Trading Strategies – Slingshot Hedge

The “Slingshot Hedge” is the Hybrid hedge strategy discussed in Chapter 9 of options strategist Charles Cottle’s book, “Options Trading: The Hidden Reality”.

The RiskDoctor created this trading strategy when he discovered how an investor could not only protect an underlying investment from a bearish move, but to take advantage of big bullish moves by using the “kickers” to enhance the return when the initial objectives were blown through.

This two hour video course was recorded during an options trading class for one of the many Options Investment Groups that Charles has mentored in his career.

This is a must have course, because it opens your hedge trades into explosive returns with very limited risks.

Charles Cottle - RiskDoctor Slingshot Hedge - Options Trading Strategies - Slingshot Hedge.rar

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