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Bruce Babcock – Business One Irwin Guide to Trading Systems

The Business One Irwin Guide to Trading Systems provides in one easy-to-understand volume the most comprehensive and authoritative description of the theory, creation and use of mechanical trading systems ever published. Whether or not you have previous commodity futures trading experience, Babcock shows you:

what you need to know to understand the problems of speculative trading

why such a high percentage of traders lose

why a completely mechanical approach is your best route to profits

how to create your own system, step by step

how to evaluate expensive commodity trading systems and system software created by others

Written in a readable conversational style, The Business one Irwin Guide to Trading Systems gives you a systematic examination of what does and what does not work. Babcock presents historical tests of various trading system approaches in 10 markets over a five-year period and offers you a simple yet highly effective long-term system created especially for this book.


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